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Made to Order | Crafted in Australia

Our garments are made to order, by a small team of talented Artisans on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have chosen this for our production process to combat the fast fashion mentality & reduce textile waste as a result of excess stock, we are also able to reduce the carbon footprint by significantly reducing the distance our pieces travel. It enables us to have face to face fit meetings with our pattern maker - ensuring that our pieces are fitted to perfection. Being so close to our team also means that we can keep a close eye on the quality of garments, making sure that our customers receive incredibly well made designs.

There’s no waste from excess stock ordering when creating pieces on a Made to Order basis. 

Orders take 2-3 weeks to dispatch to allow time for them to be crafted by our local team. By having pieces that aren’t available on demand we hope that our customers will value & care for these special pieces for a long time to come.