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About Us

After years of working in the fast fashion industry it was Josi’s passion to create a label that reduces its footprint and is consciously circulating money within the Australian economy. We have a lot of gifted craftspeople around us and it is our mission to employ those to help us create Z. 

Z. was born from a passion for a kinder way to create and wear garments. 

Z. is a small artisan label crafted slowly, right here on the Australian Gold Coast. Our pieces are made by hand, by incredible crafts(wo)men, whom live locally to us. This allows us to work face to face on each and every detail. Ensuring that we create the most incredible and high quality pieces. 

All of our garments are completely breastfeeding friendly. Whilst Z. pieces aren’t exclusively designed for mums, we want our pieces to travel with you through all seasons of life. As a mum, I couldn't find any pieces that looked and felt nice enough to wear whilst feeding my newborn son. Zeppelin. He is now 3.5 years and we are proud to say that we have been creating versatile wardrobe staples for over a year.

Z. is a family run business hoping to inspire more consumers to walk a little lighter and shop a little kinder.